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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was an American author, poet, editor, and literary critic. He was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachussets. He had a rough childhood, he was an orphan at an early age and later on disowned by his foster family. Poe, at the age of 27, married his cousin of 13 years old. Edgar’s life got a bad reputation, people thought he was paronoid, neurotic, oversexed, etc; even though he continued writing. In 1845, the poem “The Raven”made him famous.  Most of his poems and short stories share the same theme, the death. He was marked as one of the originators of both horror and detective fiction. Since his wife’s death, Poe consume too much alcohol and end up dying a few days later. Today, Poe is remembered as one of the first American writers to became a major figure in world literature.


Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was an American poet who was famous for his innovation of the new literary art form, jazz poetry. He was born in Missouri on February 1, 1902. Since he was a kid, he wrote and wanted to be a writer but like every father he wanted a more solid career for his son. Despite this, his father was impressed by his writing and pay him a year of college. Hughes is best known for his work during the Harlem Renaissance. He often wrote about the theme of “black is beautiful” concerning about the uplift of his people. His poetry portrayed the lives of the working class in America, the pride in the African-American identity and its diverse culture. An example of this is the poem, “My people”. Also, Hughes was an inspiration to many black writers since he promoted racial consciousness. He died of cancer on May 22, 1967.