This is Just to Say

As I was trying to understand the poem I found out that the author, William Carlos Williams, is an imagist poet. Imagist poetry paints a concrete picture for the reader while expressing a deeper meaning. While reading the poem, we create the image of the note left asking for forgiveness for doing what was “prohibited”. Even though the person is apologizing, he/she doesn’t regret it because it mentions the sweetness and coldness of the plum. On the other hand when analyzing the meaning of the poem, I remember of the common saying: “it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission”. Maybe this was the case, certain person being afraid of the other’s reactions prefer to left a note and leave instead of staying and confronting it. But then again we can see it as a love gesture between a newly married couple. This kind of poem is widely read and appreciated because it can be interpreted as the person sees it so there is an infinite possibilities of meanings to it.

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