Deru kui wa utareru -Prompt 3

“Deru kui wa utareru is a Japanese saying used to encourage conformity. Its English translation is ” The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” meaning by this that if you stand out, you will be subject to criticism. The character of Jack Smurch in The Greatest Man in the World is a vivid example of this. He was a young man different from anyone else who broke all the social and cultural expectations the government has imposed on society. Consequently what he accomplish wasn’t worth it since he finish being dead for being himself. Another example that applies to this saying is the character of Miss Emily in “A Rose for Emily”.  In this case is kind of different because it was her father who restricted her and made her who she was, a crazy woman who repulsed men. If she had being a man, she probably had live the life she wanted but her dictatorial father wanted to control her keeping her captive in her own house. At last, there is Miss Brill, an old lady who listen to other’s people conversations and criticizes the old ones for being odd and silent as if they had come from cupboards. Sadly she is just one of them but hasn’t realized it till a young couple where mocking her. In conclusion, society has made all these kinds of expectations for every gender, age, position, etc. but we shouldn’t restrict ourselves by this. We should ask more to life not just sit there and conform with it…

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