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The Real Hero-Prompt 2

It is said that Charles Lindbergh is more of a hero than Jack Smurch. Lets take a look on each one of them. Charles Lindbergh was an American aviator who made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean and was awarded for it, making him an idol. He came from a stable and wealthy family. He enlisted in the United States Army and served them. Anyhow, Charles Lindbergh was an example to follow.

On the contrary, Jack Smurch was a rascal who flew solo around the world nonstop. He had been in a reformatory, had knifed his school’s principal, and her mother didn’t care about him. She even said ” To hell with him. I hope he drowns”. As Charles, he too was admired by people for his great accomplishment but giving his background and his personality the press couldn’t let a person like him had that kind of fame.  Consequently, the press invented stories about him and tried to make him a man he wasn’t. He denied to pretend what the government wanted him to be and this is for me the real significance of a hero: a person who remains true to who he is regardless what others may say or think.

Sadly, Jack Smurch couldn’t enjoy his achievement because the government couldn’t take his attitude, it wasn’t the society’s cultural expectations of a hero. Therefore, they decided to kill him dropping him off a window but the press made the world believe it was an accident. Jack Smurch was now another victim of the government and press combination. This is not the first time that we see this, for example we have the incident of Cerro Maravilla. In conclusion, we can’t always believe in what the government or press says but in what we most believe is in ourselves, in staying true to who we are.