Little Red Riding Hood

For so many time we have been told the story of Little Red Riding Hood written by the Grimms Brothers, but if we take a look on earlier versions we’ll see how the story has changed through time. For example, in one of the versions the wolf kills the grandmother and then gives her to the red riding hood who unconsciously eats her own grandmother. Furthermore, the wolf asked red riding hood to take her clothes off and toss them into the fire. On the contrary, in the version written by Charles Perrault the wolf eats the grandmother and takes her place. When red riding hood arrives she notices the wolf’s voice instead of her grandmother’s voice. Once inside, even though she notices that the wolf is the one lying on the bed she willingly takes her clothes off and jumps into bed with the wolf. Afterwards, the wolf eats her.

In Charles Perrault’s version, the original moral is that children, especially young ladies, should never talk to strangers. On the other hand, the fairy tale can have a sexual meaning because if red riding hood knew the wolf was the one in the bed, then why did she took off her clothes and jumped into bed with him?


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